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Private Wine Tasting Experiences

Looking for an exclusive and private wine tasting near you? Then why not enjoy your own bespoke at-home wine tasting experience! 

Delve into the art of wine tasting, learn about winemaking techniques and the impact they can have on the final taste, as well as the basic principles of how to pair the perfect wine with the corresponding cuisine to enhance your dining experience.

And all of this comes straight to your door and can be customized to meet all your entertaining needs.

Designed for intimate gatherings of up to 12 guests, these events offer a personalized touch that can also be tailored for larger occasions. From bachelorette celebrations and engagements to holiday gatherings, birthdays or a casual night in with friends, one of our customized at-home wine tastings adds a distinctive and refined touch to your special events.

Standard Package Themes:

Each Standard Private Wine Tasting Packages are $95/per person

The All-White Flight

The All-Red Flight

Off the Beaten Path

The All-Bubbles Flight

The Mixed Flight

Premium Package Themes:

Each Premium Private Wine Tasting Package are $125/per person

La Dolce Vita

La Vie en Rose

The Classics

Champagne Lovers Package

Each Champagne Private Wine Tasting Package are $150/per person

Looking for a luxurious experience? Then the “Champagne Lovers” package is just for you! Taste through a sample of bubbly from this prestigious region, ranging from the large maisons to up-and-coming grower champagnes. Learn about the variety of styles available from the queen of all sparkling wines

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All pricing and packages for the private wine tasting events are for groups up to 12 people with a minimum of 6 people required. Additional travel fee may be charged for areas outside of the GTA. Smaller or larger groups and custom themes may be accommodated upon request.

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